About us

Your partner in Croatia

ASERVO d.o.o.

Founded in 2005, ASERVO d.o.o. specializes in trading products and providing services for government, military and law enforcement, security, sport and competition, hunting and self-defense.

Since its foundation in 2005, ASERVO d.o.o. has established business relationships with many world-renowned companies.
Through founders and relationships, the company has strong military and law enforcement, competition shooting and hunting background.
Beside Croatia, we operate on several other markets, with products and services tailored to demand of our end user.

Because of its rapid development, the field of activity of our company is constantly expanding. The main cause of our success is the trust that we endeavor to build upon the foundations of positive attitude towards our partners, as well as the flexible policy that we apply towards our customers.

Our field of business includes:

  • government supply
  • wholesale
  • retail shop
  • training and education
  • product development and field application analysis

ASERVO d.o.o supplies over 30 Croatian companies and is a supplier of Croatian Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Finance, Intelligence services, Special Forces, Anti-Terrorist Forces, Protective services unit, Croatian Shooting Federation, private security companies etc.

Regardless of the companies and entities that we supply, we do not forget where we came from and we provide outmost service to each single individual that is our customer.

We are at the service of our hunters, sports shooters and every Huntinger of weapons and nature.

Utmost attention is given to our veterans and the family members of the fallen.